Mar. 5th, 2013

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Name: Sarah
Other characters: Tony Stark

Name: Sansa Stark
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Canon point/AU: The end of A Feast For Crows *Special note: Sansa is only 14 at this point in the series, and I prefer to age her to 17, matching her character's age in the television adaption, and to fit game setting more appropriately.
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PB: Sophie Turner
History: Sansa's Page on the ASOIAF Wiki.

Sansa was born the second child and eldest highborn daughter to Lady Catelyn Tully and Lord Eddard Stark, The Lord of Winterfell and Warden of The North. The Starks have a very old history and are one of the principal noble families of Westeros, coming from a line of ancestors who once called themselves kings. From birth, Sansa was raised to be a lady of nobility. A girl quite literally born to be a queen.

Sansa has always fit her title well. The very definition of a Lady. She was tutored in the womanly arts by her septa (the world-equivalent of a nun), and is often described by others as soft-spoken and sweet; polite, and dutiful to almost a fault. As a girl, Sansa was enthralled by the songs and stories of romance and adventure she was told as a child. To her, the world beyond Winterfell was a beautiful place filled with chivalrous knights and tragic love stories. It is only when she leaves Winterfell with the hopes of living out her own fantastic love story - a journey to the capital city in the South and a betrothal to the son of the king - that she learns just what a harsh cruel place the world truly is.

Many agree that the War of Five Kings truly began with the public execution of Sansa's father, Lord Eddard, who was Hand of the King at the time he was falsely accused of treason. Sansa was only 14 at the time that her father was beheaded infront of her.

She had learned the art of politeness and, shall we call it... political correctness

Unfortunately, Sansa has had to learn the hard way

Thread: Please link an action thread you have done with this character of 10 or more comments. Threads accepted from anywhere as long as they show you playing the character how you would in this setting.

If you do not have any threads, include a 1st person network post (200 words). Remember the network is not accessible in the arena.

Prose: 200 word minimum. To mimic the spirit of capriciousness within this game, please write your third person sample based on the following prompt:

You have been set in a room in front of the Gamemakers to be judged on a score of one to twelve, with one being the lowest and twelve being the highest.

If you are a new tribute, you have been plucked from home and rushed in here with only a brief explanation of what is going on: You are about to enter an arena death match that only one person will make it out of, and impressing these people will help you live.

If you are someone from Panem, then you are very unlucky. You know what's going on but... you were told all the tributes were from a foreign land now. So why are you in front of the Gamemakers fighting for your life now? Are you a criminal, a traitor, deeply in debt? Or do you even know why you were shoved in to this room?

What is your character scored: When scoring your character take into account their physical strengths and weaknesses, mental strengths and weaknesses, and crowd likability. The score on your app has nothing to do with the gamemakers session in your sample, it is an OOC score for mod purposes. In addition, please list their powers, for arena's that allow powers.

Additional information: Question specifically for certain character types. Feel free to ignore if it does not apply to your character type. Please answer all that do (For example, a past victor AU would answer both their question, and the past victory question)

Past victor: Please describe your character's arena, and their relationship with the Capitol since.

Past victor AU: What district is your character from? How do they feel about home?

Hunger Games AU: What is your reasoning for the capitol to include your canon doppelganger if they app in?


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